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Liverpool In A Nutshell

Welcome to Liverpool In A Nutshell, the number 1 local accommodation, tourism and city guide as voted by our users. Find genuine reviews and ratings of all the cheap hotels, cheap B & B’s, restaurants and attractions in Liverpool. We feature budget accommodation deals along with discounts on tourist attractions and friendly advice to ensure you make the most out of your trip to Liverpool.

All of our reviews have a 5-star rating and are completely independent of commercial companies. You can be sure the advice you receive is genuine and up-to-date to give you extra peace of mind when planning your journey. Most hotel and B & B reviews are written by tourists and locals, for the use of tourists and locals, so get involved and rate Liverpool today to help others have a happy – exciting trip.

We also have the latest news and gossip within the city and are constantly updating our online guide, so be sure to check back frequently for updates and spread the word that we exist!

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