Super Lamb Banana

Super Lamb Banana Liverpool

The Super Lamb Banana is the yellow art-work sculpture that you can see in the city of Liverpool. It is a cross between a banana and a lamb and was originally created by a Japanese artist known as Taro Chiezo.

As with a lot of art-work, when the Super Lamb Banana sprung onto the Liverpool scene, the residents were a little sceptical about the whole thing, however, it became an unusual welcome addition to the city and tourists and locals alike flocked to see the ingenious work of art.

When the Super Lamb Banana was introduced to the city I don’t think anyone could have predicted the fascination what was just around the corner. It became one of the most instantly recognisable symbols in any city that grabbed the attention of tourists from around the UK and even the world.

In 2008 and as interest grew, 125 individually designed miniature Super Lamb Banana replicas were created as part of Liverpool’s European Capital of Culture year and the statues were placed around the city.

The miniature Super Lamb Banana replicas were on display for 10 weeks from June 2008 to August 2008. The Liverpool Echo newspaper released a location guide map of every miniature Super Lamb Banana replica so that locals and tourists could go on their very own Super Lamb Banana hunt!