European Capital Of Culture

Fantastic sporting relations, world famous waterfront, unique monuments and heritage, – these are just a few examples of why Liverpool was crowned European Capital of Culture 2008. The European Capital of Culture is a city designated by the European Union for 1 year where it is given a chance to show the world its cultural life and development.

Liverpool won the bid to become European Capital of Culture in 2008 and many plans and projects took place that completely transformed the city in terms of what it brought to its locals, tourists and what it offered including thousands of jobs created.

It was estimated that around 15,000 jobs were made available with being crowned European Capital of culture along with the increase in tourists and popularity boom both nationwide and worldwide.  It encouraged a £2 billion investment which has already been helped by Liverpool being named as a World Heritage city back in 2004.

Liverpool has always been a thriving city for tourism and every week more and more people are pouring into Liverpool to explore its fantastic cultural heritage and after the regeneration and complete transformation that the Capital of Culture brought, this continues to grow as the word spreads like wild fire just how great the city has become.

Liverpool’s amazing cultural offering was a prime factor in being awarded Capital of Culture status in 2008 and this along with the art background, have always been important to the city.  The musical impact on the world has been unbelievable along with its unique architecture and sporting connections from football to tennis to cricket.

Alongside it’s proud past; Liverpool has a bright future and is definitely the place to be right now. The city is thriving and with its major regeneration projects and business investment, it has shown that Liverpool not only has the fastest growing jobs rate of any city in the country but also one of the highest visited city’s on the tourism side of things.