Mathew Street Liverpool

Mathew Street is one of Liverpool’s most famous attractions, with many bars and restaurants as well as the famous Cavern Club.

Being one of the most liveliest nightlife hotspots in the city, Mathew Street has some great venues for you to enjoy everything from a quiet drink to a wild night out!

Mathew Street Festival

Featuring a wide range of music genres from classic 70’s and 80’s pubs and bars, Mathew Street was also host of the annual Mathew Street Festival – now called Liverpool International Music Festival. Mathew Street is still its main attraction.

The famous Mathew Street Festival was one of the UK’s biggest free annual events for outdoor music. It attracted some of the country’s top bands to play and perform in the famous festival where it all began with the music from The Beatles.

The Mathew St festival used to take place over 2-3 days every year and was a magnificent attraction that brought local people together, as well as tourists and bands from around the country and worldwide.

The Mathew Street festival, (now LIMF), continues to host a free outdoor music party for anyone to attend and enjoy.

For more information or to look around the famous Mathew Street online, web camera’s are available at the website:

Photo By Man vyi (Own work (own photo)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons / Enlarged from original.